Come to Haunted Abilene 2017! October 20th-21st & 27th-28th

The Abilene Preservation League in conjunction with

The Abilene Community Theater proudly presents

Haunted Abilene!

Tickets for Haunted Abilene are ON SALE NOW!

Take a Haunted Trolley Ride from the Swenson House

1726 Swenson Ave. (1 Block off Grape)

Click to attend Friday, October 20th tours

Click to attend Saturday, October 21st tours

Click to attend Friday, October 27th tours

Click to attend Saturday October 28th tours

       Combination ticket, the trolley ride and admission to the Haunted Mansion (the Swenson House) and its grounds.

 House tour only ticket

Trolley tour only ticket

Active Military families with I.D. receive a 25% discount. Please call for more information.
Groups of 8 or more receive a 15% discount. Discount is calculated at checkout.

For more information, call our office during business hours, 325-676-3775.

Click to see photos of past Haunted Abilene events (scroll down on the page)

Here are some of the reviews from Past Haunted Abilene attendees:

“We had so much fun tonight at Haunted Abilene. The Children’s Circus was perfect for my little ones…food, face paint, games, prizes, candy, crafts, costumes, etc. If you missed it tonight, be sure to go Saturday night 7 pm-10 pm” – Andrew H.

“We look forward to this event every year and have never been disappointed. BTW you guys scared the boppity boopity out of this 6 year old this time. Way to go!” – Lorna B.

      You will love HAUNTED ABILENE, the most complete Halloween experience in the Big Country! In 2017, the two weekends before Halloween, put it on your calendar!

     To learn more about how to participate in the Abilene Preservation League (APL) click here:

      Your participation in membership and APL functions helps the League preserve the rich heritage of Abilene’s wonderful buildings, preserving history for the younger generations.


  • angela alexander says:

    Is the Halloween event only one weekend this year?

    • says:

      Hi Angela-thanks for writing!
      Haunted Abilene has always been two nights on the same weekend, the weekend before Halloween. We’d love to see you there!
      Clown Bill

  • Cassie says:

    Is it fun for adults to? Or mainly for children?

    • says:

      Cassie, it is great fun for adults as well. The trolley ride and the house have plenty of interaction and history.

  • Amanda says:

    I am wondering if the trolley ride will be too scary for a 7 year old? If so, the older kids do it and then she can do the children’s circus area.

  • sonya says:

    Is there any wheres I could go buy the tickets in person?

    • says:

      If you only want to go through the haunted castle, you can buy a ticket either Friday or Saturday at the ticket booth. If you want to ride one of the trolleys, you’ll need an advance reservation. You can come by our office, 1174 North First at Cedar (Elks Arts Center) Thursday afternoon until 5:00.

  • Tamlyn says:

    If we purchase tickets online, where do we pick them up at?

    • says:

      If you purchase tickets online, they will come to you via email. Print them out and present them at the ticket tent, and we’ll exchange them for a wristband if you’re going on the trolley and house, or a ticket if you’re doing the house tour only. Thanks!

  • Amy says:

    How much is all of this?

    • says:

      The combination ticket, which includes the trolley ride, house tour and grounds, is $25 per person. The house tour only is $15 and the trolley only is $15. Choose which night you would like to attend above, and then choose the trolley departure you would like.

  • Rebecca Stephens says:

    Is it too scary for an almost 3 year old and if not do the cost?

    • says:

      The trolley ride is not too scary for your little one. I would imagine a 3 year old can be carried in a lap, so there would be no charge for the child. The house has some scary and creepy areas, but as long as she/he is with you it should be all right.

  • Jay bird says:

    So is your child is scared of clowns should they be going

    • says:

      Jay – as I told Abby, all of our volunteer actors are nice people and most have children of their own, so I think they can sense when they need to tone their “act” down. Thank you!

  • Jay bird says:

    So is your child is scared of clowns should they be going?

    • says:

      Well we’re kind of playing to that creepy clown image, but funny at the same time. All of our volunteer actors are nice people and most have children of their own, so I think they can sense when they need to tone their “act” down. Thank you!

  • Im trying to get the website to purchase the tickets for the trolley ride

    • says:

      Hi Kenishia– Orders are coming through, but if anyone is having trouble with the online ordering, we are in the office as of 11:30 am and you can call 325-676-3775 or 325-829-0617 and we will get your place reserved and paid for.

  • Elaine Johnson says:

    Is this event wheelchair accessible?

    • says:

      Elaine- We try our best to acccommodate everybody. But there are six steps to the first floor and some of the views are on the second floor. If someone needs special assistance we can provide it from the ticket booth at the front sidewalk.

    • says:

      No it is not. thank you.

  • Ava Lauren says:

    How scary is the haunted house and trolley ride?

    • says:

      This is a family friendly event. Trolley is not too scary and neither is the house. The theme is death do us part by ACT. so they will be telling a story and I don’t feel it is too scary.

  • alois says:

    do u have to make a reservation?

    • says:

      Yes please you can go online only to reserve a certain time if you are doing the combo. you can pay at the door

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