About the Abilene Preservation League

The League was founded in 1977. Our mission is to preserve historic buildings and promote historic preservation. We are a membership organization and would welcome you if you would like to become a member. See more membership information click here:  http://www.abilenepreservation.org

We’re located in the Elks Arts Center at 1174 North First Street in Abilene. We own and manage the historic 1910 Swenson House and have paid the bills there since 1991. We advocate for preserving our historic resources whenever possible. We are actively involved in the effort to create a wonderful new use for the former Lincoln Middle School. If you would like to receive updates about Lincoln, Like our Facebook pages at Save Lincoln Middle School or Abilene Preservation League.

Funds from Haunted Abilene go to support our operations and continued maintenance of historic properties in Abilene.

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